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Love me please - accident


четверг, 11 ноября 2010 г.

Love me, please .


"Love me, please" - film about the lost Anastasia Baburova known for its anti-fascist views. It was decided to show it at the Novosibirsk State University on Tuesday. The show came about twenty young people. Nobody could not have Viloza 1
imagined that the event will end very badly.
Viloza 2

- The fact that the audience will rotate the picture, it was agreed in advance with the administration of the Viloza 3
university - says Paul, a witness of events. - But at the last moment they seem to fear provocation, told the audience that the movie is canceled.
Viloza 4

Students were asked to leave the room, they went outside. And then it began ...
Viloza 5

- Who is it fascism? Who wants to watch a movie? - 15 people with cries fell on the students.
Viloza 6

One of the students for self-floated the gas canister, trying to fight off the raiders. Those, in turn, opened fire from a traumatic weapons.
Viloza 7

- There were about five shots from the "Wasp" - eyewitnesses. - Shot at point blank range. One of the bullets hit the guy that was in place showdown by accident. He simply "wrong time" out of the university.
Viloza 8

Pyatikursnik Maxim Kazantsev is still in the hospital - a bullet in his cheek. The next day the guy unsubscribed at its website:
Viloza 9

- A bullet got - "Wasp". I'll be on antibiotics for five days. I - a random victim.
Viloza 10

Because of the acrid smoke Maxim did not see the raiders, it all happened so fast that guy and have not heard the attackers shouting. However, witnesses insist: the student was the victim of skinheads.
Viloza 11

However, the police quite a different point of view on this matter. Guards opened a criminal investigation for "hooliganism" and conducted a search of ... an organizer showing the film, a student of 4 th year of Mikhail Piskunov.
Viloza 12

- The police felt that I belong to the radical anti-fascists, and he gave the provocation in order to substitute the nationalists - told the Komsomolskaya Pravda Piskunov. - However, the anti-fascists,
Viloza 13

I do not have any relation. Therefore, without hesitation gave permission to search the apartment where I live. Policemen searched for extremist literature, and also took my computer, but there is nothing interesting for them.
Viloza 14

Komsomolskaya Pravda guards agreed to comment on his position. In their view, the clash took place near the university - not more than the usual student conflict, which lacked a no national soil:

- Indeed, one group of youths tried to attack another group. However, according to independent witnesses - no nationalist outcry in this case was not. Was selected mate - no more - explained "KP" a law enforcement source.
Viloza 15

- Some movement is now just a very advantageous to appear in the light of the victim and submit incident in precisely the light that Novosibirsk nationalists staged a massacre. In addition to the assailants had no nationalist symbolism. Yes and no handwriting is skinheads - shoot travmatiki. Uncharacteristic for them a weapon.

Shed light on this story may be video. Cameras, which are on the institute, recorded the attack on the students. True, journalists this video to the police still refuse to provide. Fear that it somehow could harm the investigation.

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" monitoring developments.

What movie?

"Love me, please" - a film in 2010 about Anastasia Baburova, who withdrew director Valery Balayan and that in late March has been featured in Kiev. "Love me, please" - is one of her latest e-mails, which were the parents of the journalist. A few days later, on Jan. 19, 2009, she was murdered along with his lawyer Stanislav Markelov (details - on our site Sentence the killers of journalist and lawyer have not yet passed.

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