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Leipzig remains "an oasis" for documentary filmmakers,,6157978,00.html

World in Progress | 28.10.2010 | 05:30

Leipzig remains 'an oasis for documentary filmmakers' despite dwindling funds

Critical film makers find a supportive and interested audience in the former East German city of Leipzig. The city played an important role in bringing down the communist regime two decades ago.,,6024981,00.html

This year, the international documentary and animation film festival in Leipzig, the second largest festival of its kind in Europe, struggled to cope with decreasing funds. In the end, it screened a slightly reduced programme but broke its own previous attendance record: 35,000 people watched 346 films from almost 60 countries. The festival, now over 50 years old, has become a cornerstone of the growing documentary film industry. But cuts can hurt: when one public sponsor withdrew its promise to subsidise the travel costs of a group of filmmakers from the Caucasus, Dok Leipzig had to open without them. But do filmmakers really have to show up? Isn't screening hundreds of films to an interested audience, enough? Our reporter Jo-Anne Velin, began at the home of a Leipzig resident, to find out.
Report: Jo-Anne Velin,,6024981,00.html


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