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The anniversary of the deportation of Crimean Tatars

Black Sea Tatar  


My personal internet press review about Crimean Tatars or Black Sea region Tatars
= The anniversary of the deportation of Crimean Tatars (automatic translate) = 

May 25, 2009 in Crimean Tatars News
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   65 years ago, in early May 1944, immediately after the liberation of Crimea from German forces, Stalin signed by the NKVD Decree “On the eviction of the Crimean Tatars from the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in the Uzbek SSR. All Crimean Tatars – from infants to elders deep – was accused of collaboration with the German fascists and treason. Since then, the day on 18 May was a day of remembrance and mourning for the entire Crimean Tatar people. This year, the anniversary of deportation of Crimean Tatars in conjunction with World Congress, which opens tomorrow in Simferopol. As the press service of the Majlis of Crimean Tatar people, it is planned that on 18 May, delegates and guests of the congress will take part in commemorative events dedicated to the memory of the victims of the genocide of Crimean Tatar people, and in Vsekrymskom mourning rally, which starts an hour of the day. Memoirs of eyewitnesses to the events of those years

broadcast our special correspondent in the Crimea Valery Balayan.  

Valery Balayan: mass deportation of the entire Crimean Tatar people has started in the early morning hours of May 18, 1944 and was completed by the evening of May 20. To hold such a large-scale operation in a record time managed through a diversion from the front the huge troop contingent from the existing army and internal security troops, who according to all rules of military science was surrounded by that time all the places of compact residence of the Crimean Tatars on the entire peninsula. The events prior to May 18, remembers Rasim Suleimanov. 

Rasim Suleimanov: evening came, the officers asked for a lamp and two stools away. They said that given the morning. And in the morning we have taken. They knew, but we did not say anything. 

Valery Balayan: In reporting telegram addressed to the heads of the NKVD of Stalin pointed out that the eviction of the Crimean been about 190 thousand Crimean Tatars. Before the war, they were at different times from 60 to 80 per cent of the total population of the Crimean Autonomous Republic, then a member of the RSFSR. Remembers decide Memedlaev: 

Memedlaev: Well, as the expelled … I remember that night, awoke.I stood up, crying. Parents dressed. The weather was sunny but very cold. I put children sestriny things – 3-4 layers, in my opinion. But I still merz. 

Valery Balayan: How do you perceive a child, what happens? 

Decide Memedlaev: War. For us, it was war. 

Valery Balayan: All people who survived the deportation, converge in his memoirs that the operation took place everywhere on the same circuit – at night or morning vulnerable to pre-road and railway cars. Rasim Suleimanov remembers: 

Rasim Suleimanov: Night came, the 12 hour or night. All were forced to dress, take a blanket, who managed that. On the streets were soldiers. At the clearing of all expelled. Then the car loaded. Brought here. It started in a wagon load, and you do not know where to bring. 

 Memedlaev: They came – jump to it … What is there – 15, 20, 30 minutes. And that he was going? Get up and walk. There was no explanation. We were six. I remember, all planted in a car – 3-5 families.There were small trucks. 12 or 18 families in one wagon zasunuli. There, as the flies were. And went … 

Valery Balayan: Most of the Crimean Tatars was evicted in Uzbekistan and the adjacent areas of Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. At the same time en route and in the first year the deportation of hunger and disease killed about 46%, ie almost half evicted the Crimean Tartar people choose to remember Memedlaev: 

Memedlaev: In Tashkent we unloaded and then transported to Pskinsky (?) Area. And there has already come from the collective farms and brichkami took to work. One collective farm took the 2-3 family, other, too – 2-3 family. So rassosalis of Uzbekistan. Uzbeks gave room. Their appearance, was forced to make room. Cabana. And we lived right in the farm. There was a room – no windows, no doors. There we planted. This I remember very well how smudge everything. 

Valery Balayan: However, small groups, among which was the Rasim Suleimanov, were sent to Mari El, in the Urals and in the Kostroma region.But the statistics of mortality was the same – and for those who got in the warm Central Asia, and for those who are in the Northern Urals. 

Rasim Suleimanov: Mari El. 

Valery Balayan: Where you lived and then to live? 

Rasim Suleymanov: In the barracks abandoned logging. Forest Georgia.Norma do – 600 grams, the rule does not do – there is no bread. 

Valery Balayan: the expulsion of the civilian population, however, the father of the peoples of Stalin chose not to be limited. On all fronts have been issued special orders for dismissal from the army on the basis of nationality of the Crimean Tatars. They also went on spetsposelenie. An exception was made only for senior officers, who continued to fight, and were expelled immediately after the war. 
Given the ex-soldiers of the deported Crimean Tatars reached 200 thousand people. 

 Memedlaev: Well, then say that the enemies of the people. This hearing allowed. All told, that we are enemies of the people. Even the first time local residents hid from us, they say, they kill, they жрут children, then they do, they make another. 

Valery Balayan: The fate of the Crimean Tatars would soon share the Armenians, Bulgarians and Greeks. Jun 24, 1944 began their eviction from the Crimea. Deportation been about 11 thousand Armenians, more than 12 thousand Bulgarians, and more than 14 thousand Greeks. Along with them were sent to spetsposelenie lived in Crimea, Turks, Kurds, Persians, Roma. Only during the war from the Crimea had been deported more than 300 thousand inhabitants. With maps of Crimea was erased all Tatar toponymy, it left only the historical names of mountains and several locations. 

 Memedlaev: There have been no Crimean titles, nothing was.Even the resorts say that someone else built. None Crimean there were no words. Afraid to speak. 

Valery Balayan: The massive return of Crimean Tatars in Crimea began only in 1989. 
Today, 18 May at 13:00 will take place in Simferopol Vsekrymsky mourning rally, timed to the Day of memory of victims of the deportation of the Crimean Tatar people.

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